I.C.P.E. Bistriţa was created in 1983, as a branch of the Bucharest Institute of Research & Design for Electrotechnics. In 2006 it became a fully private capital trading company.

Currently, the company has got as many as 50 technically trained specialists, whose realm of activities includes research and development, equipment production and technology implementation for the environmental protection field.

    • is a co-organiser of the ENVIRONMENT & PROGRESS Conference ;
    • brings out the ECOTERRA magazine, jointly with the Cluj-Napoca ‘Babeş-Bolyai’ University, on a quarterly basis ;
    • has implemented more than 40 nationally and internationally funded research contracts ;
    • 46 invention patents ;
    • has taken part in domestic and international invention shows (Brussels - Eureka, The Belgian and International Trade Fair for Technological Innovation, Geneva – Le Salon International des Inventions, Zagreb - Srebrna ARCA, Bucharest – Inventika, Bucharest – RAILF);
    • has got a RENAR (the Romanian accrediting body)-accredited laboratory for water testing ;
    • SR EN ISO 9001:2008-, SR EN ISO 14001:2005- and SR OHSAS 18001:2008-certified ;
    • ANRE (The Energy Regulation National Agency)-acknowledged for designing and executing electrical installations at the 0.4 kV rated voltage.

The results of the research-development-innovation projects are encompassed in the wide range of technologies and equipment offered by the company.

We are members of several professional associations :

    •    The Romanian Automation & Instrumentation Association ;
    •    The National Environmental Science & Engineering Society ;
    •    The International Water Association;
    •    ARACO – The Romanian Building Entrepreneurs’ Association ;
    •    The IND – AGRO – POL competitiveness pole ;
    •    CLEMS – an Eco-Innovative Cluster for a Sustainable Environment.